• The Techniques

    Proven Techniques build muscle memory

  • Unparalleled Performance

    The latest standard in technique! Riders University can delivers the best in reflex training at incredible speeds.

The Ride

Riding is nothing less than a passion. There are riders who want to travel around the mountainous terrains while there are others who love to have a long-drawn-out ride on smooth roads. The rides are different just as there are different motorcycles and motorcycle apparels. To yield the best motorcycle ride, the rider’s bike and his accessories must be in harmony with his skills.

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Motorcycle Accident Prevention and Safety

Motorcycle accidents are more common than any other accident - this is a sad but true fact. Motorcyclists are more prone to accident as compared to other road users, even the cyclists. In the risk of suffering serious injuries or fatal accidents, it is sixteen times more for motorcyclists than it is for car drivers.

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More Coming Soon

This is the new site - stand by for some great news as we finish up :) ...

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Motorcycle riding gear

Motorcyclists are well aware that accidents are quite frequent and at times they can be fatal. Yes it is ...

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