Motorcycle accidents are more common than any other accident - this is a sad but true fact. Motorcyclists are more prone to accident as compared to other road users, even the cyclists. In the risk of suffering serious injuries or fatal accidents, it is sixteen times more for motorcyclists than it is for car drivers.

Motorcycle accidents – elements

The four basic elements that might lead to motorcycle accidents are: -

  1. Motorcycle: 3% of motorcycle accidents can be attributed to the machine itself. Majority of these accidents can be avoided with very little precautions. It is imperative that before taking a ride, the brakes of the motorcycle are checked for proper functioning. The other accessories such as lights and tyres also need to be checked carefully.     
  2. Road conditions: In percentage terms, we can attribute 15% of the motorcycle accidents to the road conditions. Slippery roads are the most common reason followed by potholes and rough road surfaces.
  3. Other road users: Majority of the motorcycle accidents occur due to other road users. Car drivers being the most frequent culprits.
  4. Motorcyclists: Laxity on part of the rider is also one of the major elements that lead to motorcycle accidents. Excessive speeds, lack of experience, use of alcohol is some of the basic rider attributes that contribute most in this category.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to accidents and generally suffer two types of injuries viz. impact injuries and abrasion injuries. Wearing proper protective gears for those parts of the body that get into first contact with the ground can minimize impact injuries. In other words, elbows and knees need proper padding. Head injuries can be fatal. Hence, the best prevention is to go for the best helmets. In spite of all these preventive measures accidents may occur.

Safety is most important thing to be considered for avoiding motorcycle accidents. A few tips that could go a long way in avoiding accidents are: -

  1. Use quality vehicles: For passionate drivers motorcycle driving is an exciting routine. In order to have a safe drive, the gears, accessories and other motorcycle parts used must be of highest quality. Protection is the best prevention. .
  2. Conspicuity:   Ample care needs to be given to the quality and comfort of the rider’s attire. Different riders may have different needs depending upon their age, experience and gender. This is perhaps the easiest remedy for motorcycle accidents. Several studies have been undertaken to access the reasons of motorcycle accidents and majority of them have revealed that wearing high visibility motorcycle apparel considerably reduces the risk of accidents. To help preventing accidents, riders should wear clothes that are fluorescent in the day and reflective in the night.
  3. Alertness: Driving by paying proper attention to the surrounding environment is in the hands of the riders. The riders need to anticipate the actions of the road users and react appropriately. The basic rule of driving needs to be adhered to. Always give a “lifesaver glance” before executing any maneuver. Alertness to road conditions is of paramount importance. Driving under the influence of alcohol should be avoided. A tired motorcyclist is just like a sitting duck for other road users.

There are several other factors, which need equal attention for avoiding accidents. Whether conditions coupled with road conditions are the common factors that are not under the control of the rider.


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