Motorcyclists are well aware that accidents are quite frequent and at times they can be fatal. Yes it is true that there is no turning back from a crash. The safety of rider depends a lot on the attire that he wears. The protection of the body depends upon the clothing; the helmet protects the head. Motorcycle gear is there to protect you, so be wise and buy the best or else you may not get a second chance.

Protection and prevention are the two basic reasons for wearing motorcycle apparel. Expert riders will always choose the best riding gears giving top priority to safety. The motorcycle riding gear generally comprises of pants, jackets helmets and gloves. Buying the gear requires some basic thumb rules to be followed:

a) Safety: Safety and nothing else should be the top priority while looking for the riding gear; may it is a pant, a jacket, gloves or a helmet. There may not be a second time as accident/falls can be fatal. The clothes should protect the skin, especially the tender parts of the body that are most vulnerable. The attire must be such that it withstands the maximum impact of the crash. It is imperative that the helmets provide good visibility and are basic shock absorbent.  b) Comfort: There is no denial to the fact that the motorcycle riding gear should be comfortable and permit maximum movement. Free movement of the arms and legs is necessary for a safe ride. c) Durability: Motorcycle riding gear besides being safe should be durable. Good motorcycle riding gear is bound to be expensive hence durability is essential. Riders would not like to spend huge amounts on the gear regularly.   d) Appearance:  There is no harm to look for a gear that gives a rider a   real good appearance also. It is an accepted fact that a gear which appears shabby will certainly not be worn how much safe it may be.

Choosing Motorcycle Jackets

It is taxing to choose the jacket, which would suffice the standards and qualifications of being the best, and provide ample protection to the rider.  Jackets for a rider can be bought keeping in mind the following points: -

i) Material: - Motorcycle jackets can either be in leather or synthetics. Leather jackets are more common and popular. Leather can last for decades and provide enough warmth during the winter season.  It is easy to maintain such jackets.  On the other hand, synthetic or nylon jackets can be lighter, longer and water proof. Synthetic jackets allow enough air to penetrate and provide the necessary relief and comfort to the rider. The only drawback that nylon jackets have is that they can be very expensive.  However, the added advantage of nylon jackets over the leather jackets is that they come in bright colors essential for safe driving.  ii) Conspicuity: - Motorcycle jackets should be such that they can be seen from a fair distance.  Many accidents occur because of non-visibility of fellow riders. The remedial measure is to go for jackets with reflective material and luminous colors. iii) Ventilation: - To have utmost comforts while riding, it is essential that there is proper circulation of air within the attire worn by the rider.  Sweat can be uncomfortable and may lead to fatal accidents.  Jackets with ventilation zippers or Velcro are, one way of doing away with perspiration. iv) Water proof: - Weather is no barrier for passionate motorcycle riders. So it becomes essential that the jackets are waterproof.     Choosing Motorcycle gloves

Gloves despite being an essential part of the motorcycle riding, gear are generally overlooked by all riders. One would tend to pick up a pair of sub-standard gloves just to fulfill the formalities of the attire.

Gloves in fact, provide protection from both the scorching sun and shivering cold. It is a preventive measure against Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  There are different types of gloves for different types of weathers. Gloves made of plastic are for the rainy season but have disadvantage of being slippery and bulky.  Gloves for the cold weather are made of leather. They are thick and often have an additional lining to provide comfy and style to the rider.       A good pair of gloves can have an extra padding of carbon shells and tiny  metal studs for providing extra protection to the knuckles and palms.  Gloves can have an additional extension to protect the lower arm from the harsh and puffing air. Another feature to be looked into while buying the gloves is the wrist strap. The gloves should neither be too loose nor too tight, must be of the right size. Buy gloves keeping in mind the minutest of specifications. It gives riders an opportunity to have comfortable and safe ride.

Choosing a Helmet

 The most essential part of motorcycle riding gear is the Helmet. It provides safety to the head of the rider.  It is imperative that essential care is taken while buying the helmet.  In the market, there are helmets of different brand with different standards.  The basic thing to be looked in is that the helmet should provide clear visibility to the rider. The eyes should get proper protection.  The helmets bought of such a material that it should sustain the majority of the shock in the eventuality of an accident/crash.

 While buying the motorcycle apparel, one needs to ensure that it provides proper protection to the areas intended to be protected.  The most vulnerable parts of the body are bones under the surface of the skin such as ankles, knees, shoulders and knuckles. So, as far as possible the motorcycle gear should take care of all these areas and simultaneously provide comfortable driving.


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