Camarillo, CA - A Southern California based nonprofit organization recently announced big plans for cultivating less experienced motorcycle riders and bolstering the integrity of the motorcycle industry by increasing safety awareness.

Riders University aims to administer “scholarships,” certificates for free motorcycle training, to requesting individuals. The organization also has plans to provide first-time purchasers of high-powered motorcycles with little or no formal rider training an automatic “scholarship.” These scholarships will provide riders with the opportunity to have formal training through organizations such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at no additional cost.

Riders University points out that while the proven methods for training riders exist, they are too often not recognized or not financially accessible to riders. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and similar organizations have perfected techniques and training guides for riders of all experience levels, yet the burden of paying for these benefits is placed on the rider. On their website, Riders University notes they aim to make these well-developed training resources available to those who need them most.

Program Director, Brittany Burkhartsmeier states “the excitement and high cost that goes into purchasing a motorcycle forces too many riders to put the additional cost of training on the backburner, and that is when they know the training exists. “   Brittany continued, “we see Riders U as a bridge of needed dollars from the riders to the available training courses.”  

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