Riding is nothing less than a passion. There are riders who want to travel around the mountainous terrains while there are others who love to have a long-drawn-out ride on smooth roads.  The rides are different just as there are different motorcycles and motorcycle apparels.  To yield the best motorcycle ride, the rider’s bike and his accessories must be in harmony with his skills.

To begin with, the rider must choose a bike that matches his riding preferences.  The several bikes to choose from are street bikes, cruisers, vintage, dirt bikes, sport bikes and many more. Yes, you have more than enough choices. There are numerous trusted motorcycle manufacturers, who would offer a bike including Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha and a few more. The next important step is to decide on the customization of the bike. Go for parts that would complement your bike.  Combining style with performance is not a major issue in the present times. You can go to scenic spots with the elegant cruiser. Bikes with different engine types and power are available in the market. You are bound to get attracted to the sleek aerodynamic sport bikes having both design and performance. Bikes made for touring are fuel-efficient, powerful and comfortable. All the possible comforts such as windscreen and detachable saddlebags are made available on such bikes. Riding and roaming on such bikes, in any season, is not difficult. Having good knowledge about the motorcycle and its accessories is always handy and helps choosing the best motorcycle.

The next step is to learn riding a bike. Nerve to ride is what makes you a rider and then a good rider. The other basic requirements before riding a bike are the driver’s license, motorcycle and insurance coverage. Becoming a good rider needs lot of practice. There is no harm joining a basic rider’s course to learn the tips and tricks of driving. Pleasure of riding comes through learning. There is no better fun than exploring the world of adventure on a motorcycle.  

Impact of weather on Riding

Riding is a combined effort of body and mind. Factors affecting riding include condition of the road; type of motorcycle, the apparel used by the rider and of course the weather. There is no doubt that weather is the most important among all factors. It can be a spoilsport for an otherwise well planned trip. It is worthwhile to know how the different weather conditions affect riding.

The rainy season can be most dangerous. Imagine driving a bike with your vision giving a blurry vision.  It is as good as a black out.  You can hardly see anything in front of you.  Besides this, in the rainy season the controls on the bike are soaking wet and there is all possibility that you might slip off the pedal, the clutch might elude your fingers and the break may not function effectively.

The windy season has a peculiar problem, especially when the wind speed is quite high.  The bikers tend to swerve in a strong wind current.  To add to this, oil spillage is very common.

The sunny weather is perhaps the best for riding a motorcycle but this too has its own impact.  The rider’s skin gets burnt up if proper apparel is not being used.  Excessive perspiration is another effect of sunny weather.

Safe Driving

It is essential that the principal of safe driving be followed day in and day out.   It is essential to avoid unwanted circumstances and accidents.  Best protection to the body is through the rider’s apparel.  The body from head to toe must be protected. It would not be out of place to say that despite all protections accidents may occur.  It would be handy to keep a first aid kit to keep yourself prepared for the unexpected.

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